Broadmoor Outfall 48” Sewer Main Rehab:

The project covered the replacement of 3,800 linear feet of 48” Sanitary Sewer, and 1,000 linear feet of 30” Force Main along Fern Avenue and Bayou Pierre. All of which lie within the city limits of Shreveport, Louisiana. A preliminary study outlining design alternatives was produced, that selected the best design solution for the project. Three routes were considered and analyzed in this report, with one ultimately being chosen as the best fit for the specific project needs. The line required tie in junctions with both the upstream existing 30” Force Main, as well as the downstream 60” Main. Both junctions required new boxes to be designed. The route of the new force main required the new line to be bored under the existing pavement of Fern Avenue where it crossed the street. Because of the nature of the existing sewer lines, it was necessary to design a force main to tie into the existing line. The line was then converted into a gravity main, to be in accordance with the existing conditions of the original line. A new asphalt jogging trail was required to be designed for this project, as the existing one was to be removed during the course of construction. Additionally servitude maps with legal descriptions of the boundaries for the required right of way were also included in the plans. Other parts of this project included typical sections, summary of quantities, as well as the traffic control layout for the construction needs of the project. The construction of this project was completed in fall of 2017.

Querbes New Force Main Project:


Project consisted of replacing the 7,586 feet of the existing deteriorated 20” line between the Broadmoor and Querbes lift stations with a new 24” Sanitary Sewer Force Main. Respectively the line originated at the Querbes Lift Station located along Gregg Street. It then traveled south through the Querbes golf course, running along the Fern Street right of way and underneath Ockley Drive. After which it progressed through the back of the Clingman Park & Pierremont Acres Subdivisions, and also under Pierremont Road. Finally the route for the new line culminated at the Broadmoor Lift Station, located along the Bayou Pierre Right-of-way line. Specific tie in details were required to be designed and drawn up for this project, where the new force main tied into the existing line. This was necessary as it was cost prohibitive to take the new line all the way into the existing lift stations before tying it into the existing systems. So it was decided to tie the line into the existing line just outside the existing station, in order to deliver the flow to the appropriate structures.