Southern Oaks Subdivision Flood Control Improvements & Pump Station Design:


Project required the designing of a new 30,000 GMP Pump Station to supplement an existing undersized and deteriorated pump station for the Southern Oaks Subdivision located in Shreveport, Louisiana. Additional requirements were replacing the three existing undersized pumps with one 10,000 GPM pump, designed to compensate for the existing storm water flow. A&A surveyed the entire existing area, tied elevations into existing COS Monuments, and collected all relevant site conditions and structures along Dean Road to be utilized for the project. The new station was to be located north of the existing station, and the downstream plunge pool was to tie into the existing ditch behind the old station. The existing roadway was to be removed & replaced so that a new 5’x5’ reinforced concrete riding surface box could be installed. This new box was necessary to tie the new station into the existing 26"X43" reinforced concrete archpipe that collected the drainage from the subdivision area. To install the new 75 HPw 10,000 GPM Pump it was also necessary to remove & replace the existing roof of the old station with a new 12 gauge sheet metal roof. Other aspects of the project included installing 100 KW & 200 KW generators for the respective pumps, the design of a 12’x24’ wet well, a new sluice gate, as well as new control panels located at the stations. Weir type structures and outfall were designed in accordance to DOTD Standards.

Missouri Andrew Drainage Improvements:


Project consisted of dramatically remodeling the existing drainage of Pine Grove Addition Subdivision, located in Shreveport, Louisiana. The existing system was a series of open drainage ditches, that snaked through the existing neighborhood. With access bridges crossing them, as well as their proximity to existing roadways, they were a hazard to the local community. The design of the new project involved removing these existing drainage ditches, and installing a series of concrete box culverts in the area. These boxes would tie into a new open concrete ditch, that subsequently tied into the existing system. However this concrete drainage ditch was designed with safety in mind, as it features a chainlink fence installed along the top slope of the ditch. To establish the sizing of these drainage systems, existing topographic map data for the project area was utilized. This compiled information revealed the existing drainage patterns for the given region, which provided an accurate estimation of the stormwater flow for the area. Once an estimate of the existing flow was established, electronical modeling was utilized to size the new boxes. These models included hydraulic graphs of the expected output of the new system.