North Hearne Avenue Water Main Replacement Phase I & II:

The specific scope of this project was to replace 13,300 linear feet of an existing 20” Water Main along Hearne Avenue located in Shreveport, Louisiana. This new main would be installed with a limited amount of available space in some areas to replace the existing water main. The new line would travel underneath existing water crossings in some areas, and in others tie into existing elevated line crossings. A project baseline was utilized to connect design criteria to existing site features, and was subsequently shown on plan & profile sheets for this project. Additionally a construction signing layout was produced for the project, as well as Right of Way maps where required. Lastly cost estimates were tabulated and produced for the project.

Fifth Street Water Main Improvements Project:

The scope of this City of Shreveport project was to replace an existing undersized and deteriorated 2” Water Main, and design a new 8” Water Main along Fifth Street. An additional requirement for this project was to add a new 8” Water line along Hill Street. This would connect the existing line running along Freddie Street to the new main being designed for Fifth Street. Survey data was acquired for the entire existing area. This included tying elevations into existing COS Monuments, and collecting all relevant existing site conditions and structures to be utilized for the project. The new line required tie-in junctions at two locations tying into the respective existing water mains. The route of the new water main required the new line to cross under or over existing utility lines in the area, and to be bored under intersecting streets, existing driveways, and an paved ditch. Plan and profile sheets were produced, as well as the typical sections, construction signing layouts, and summary of estimated quantities for the project.